Our Business

Gadgas Limited was established to provide efficient and qualitative consulting services to the oil and gas industry in the areas of Equipment Procurement, Oilfield Maintenance, support services and in all aspects of tax administration and human resources management and placement. 

The Company Directors are experienced and tested individuals. They are professional accountants and tax practitioners with over one hundred years of cumulative experience in all aspects of taxation, equipment procurement and oilfield maintenance. They are reputed for their unassailable record of integrity and high productivity. 

What Can I Do for You?

Gadgas Limited is a specialist in procurement of equipment for the oilfield services industry. Our business is located in Lagos, Porthacouth and Abuja part of Nigeria which gives rocuring most of the items from the European countries.

The following are the Oil & Gas services we provide.

Procurement Services

For the supply of pipes, casings and tubulars, we are affiliated with Petroleum Equipment Supply Engineering Company Ltd. (PESECO Ltd) of Aberdeen shire, Scotland,

We are also able to supply Check Valves, Carrier Valves, Injection Pumps, infrared Thermometers, Centrifuge Tubes, Actuators, Analyzers, Multi-Purpose Cleaners/Degreaser and any other Oil Field Equipment on request.


Man Power Supply,Training & Development

By outsourcing your support staff to specialists, we help position you to better concentrate your energies on your core competences.

Training is an essential vehicle for the acquisition of knowledge and the development of the required skills necessary for building up a competent and empowered workforce that is necessary to achieve the organizational objectives of our clients,

We also provide Support Services to various organizations, industry, civil construction, renovation and maintenance.

Consultancy Services

We help Oil and Gas companies capture value through operational improvements and digital transformations. We help oil and gas companies develop strategies to pursue growth and create value in an uncertain and volatile environment. We help Clients deliver world-class projects that yield maximum return on investment capital

Need Help?

Lets help you out with your Equipment procument services, and Man Power Services.